Turning everyday ladies into fashionistas/

Adding ‘chic’ into your wardrobe

At TUDUNGKINI, we equip modern ladies with fashionable options that will fulfil their Muslimah needs.


Always looking ahead ~ At TUDUNGKINI, we craft your headscarf with our unique design and style to keep up with the latest fashion trends. You could choose from a wide range of choices to match your outfits, or you could match your TUDUNGKINI headscarf with your outfit. That’s how versatile the choices are and let them make you the belle of the ball!

Style meets comfort ~ TUDUNGKINI take pride in crafting beautiful headscarves – vibrant colours, trendy designs, silky smooth texture and comfort all-in-one. Having four collections designed for everyday’s occasions, let the silky smooth satin envelope you and keep you confident all day long.

Luxury at honest value ~  All minutes details are being considered when we craft your headscarves – that include the value of every piece. Believing that TUDUNGKINI headscarf is a piece of an art, we will ensure that it is gorgeously wrapped before it is being delivered to you.